Should I talk with a bank before looking at homes?

Come to us(Tehinnah Properties) first! We could have properties enlisted in our property-list that has a flexible payment plan of paying in “instalments”

Should I buy or continue to rent?

If you can afford one of our properties listed, we can make an affordable proposal for you and give you a good offer. Be that as it may; if you can’t afford it now, you can just save towards it.

I own a home, should I buy another before selling my current home?

Not necessarily! If you can afford one before selling your current house . . . all we and goo! But if you can’t do that, then it’s best you buy another before selling your current house.

Do I really need a Realtor when buying a home?

YES! To avoid Real Estate pitfalls.

What is a short sale?

A short sale is the sale of a real estate property for which the lender is willing to accept less than the amount still owed on the mortgage.

For a sale to be considered a short sale, these two things must be true:

    1. The homeowner must be so far behind on payments that they can’t catch up.


  1. The housing market must have gone down so much that the house is worth less than the remaining balance on the mortgage.

In most cases, the lender (and the homeowner) will try a short sale process in order to avoid foreclosure.

What is a foreclosure?

foreclosure is a home that’s seized and put up for sale by the bank that gave the original owner a loan. When you see a home listed as foreclosed, it means that it’s owned by the bank



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